Research reveals that trainee teachers urgently need E-safety education.

Posted on 19 June 2007

Children’s internet charity, Childnet International, announced today the publication of a research report entitled ‘E-safety: Evaluation of Key Stage 3 Materials for Initial Teacher Education’.  

The report details the work and findings from a four month research project undertaken by academics from leading initial teacher training institutes in England. The research which was initiated and co-ordinated by Childnet with funding from the Training and Development Agency for Schools and Microsoft, aimed to identify if and how e-safety education could be incorporated into the current initial teacher education.

The study involved presenting e-safety sessions to 400 trainee teachers from four different institutions using a range of different existing internet safety resources which were already used in secondary schools in the UK. The results showed trainees gave overwhelming support for the inclusion of e-safety within their training and believed that schools need help to better address e-safety education.  

However, the findings also highlighted a number of important challenges such as time limitations in the teacher education curriculum, the need for trainee teachers to prioritise and meet the existing standards, and the fact that trainees have very different needs from those of teachers. 

The study trialled a number of models of implementing e-safety training, however, face-to-face methods, allowing the trainees to discuss the issues showed a higher uptake and was more highly valued by trainees. 

In total 16 key findings emerged from the research (see executive summary) and the researchers made a number of important recommendations about what changes should be made to meet the needs of trainee teachers in this area. These include:

  • Embedding e-safety within the teaching standards requirements to meet the statutory regulation and the creation of a training resource specifically for trainee teachers.
  • Creating an online portal with resources, information and advice, specifically to meet the needs of trainee teachers and their tutors as well as practicing teachers.

The online research was run through the existing Childnet ‘Know IT ALL’ micro site and over 4,000 comments were received back from trainees. As a result of this research it is envisaged that this site will now be expanded to include a Know IT ALL for Trainees and Teachers’ section with new content and advice for trainees and teachers. This helps build on the strength of the existing resources produced by Childnet for parents and young people and will help ensure greater consistency of messages and news of wider resources for the different audiences.

Mary Louise Morris from Childnet International says:

“Over the past few years of working in schools and supporting teachers in better understanding the online safety issues, it became clear to us at Childnet that knowledge and awareness of e-safety is an essential preparation for the teaching profession, both from the point of view of engaging and understanding the way children are growing up in a digital world, as well as caring for their wellbeing and safety”. 

The research was carried out with trainees in Christchurch College Canterbury, Brighton, Middlesex and Southampton Universities. Lead researcher John Woollard from the University of Southampton says:

“With the growing recognition of the importance of e-safety and the need to better equip teachers to both  understand the issues and educate pupils, this research has been  invaluable in assessing how those entering the profession can be trained and supported.”

Tim Tarrant from Training and Development Agency for Schools which sponsored the research says:

“This is a very innovative project which the TDA has been delighted to support. With the insight from this research we plan to work with Childnet in developing resources which will be suitable for use in the ITT curriculum, and will be made available to all ITT institutions before the end of this year”.

Steve Beswick, Director of Education, Microsoft UK said:

"As the internet increasingly becomes an integrated part of the learning process, it is vital that students can use ICT safely - and that teachers and parents can be confident that this is the case. At Microsoft, we are committed to working with our partner organisations to ensure there is sufficient training for teachers so that they are ably equipped to mitigate the risks without hampering the value that the internet brings to the learning process. We are delighted that this report has now paved the way forward for ensuring both existing and trainee teachers receive adequate training on e-safety issues."

To download the executive summary of the report see


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