What the programme offers

About the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is a pupil-led online safety programme open to all UK schools. Schools joining the programme will have access to our online platforms for primary or secondary schools, giving young people opportunities to increase their knowledge, achieve recognition and collaborate with digital leaders in schools across the UK. 

It's easy for schools to join the programme and put young people at the heart of their approach to e-safety. 

  1. Get in touch: enter your details on the right of this page to receive a school registration pack. We're more than happy to answer answer any queries you may have. 

  2. Sign up: Enrol your school and recruit your digital leaders, with lots of support from Childnet's team to make it easy for you to get the programme started. 

  3. Complete training: Digital Leaders will be supported through our easy-to-follow online training programme created by Childnet's expert team and tailored for either primary or secondary school children. Young people will complete interactive online modules on our platform and meet together to consolidate learning and plan next steps.

  4. Get recognition: On completion of the seven essential training modules, the Childnet Digital Leaders will be awarded their official badges and schools will be presented with a certificate. Childnet Digital Leaders will track their ongoing progress and share their achievements on the online platform.

  5. Transform e-safety in your school: Childnet Digital Leaders will take the lead in delivering impactful e-safety activities in school throughout the year. Childnet's helpful team will provide ongoing support and up-to-date advice for pupils and staff.

  6. Be part of something bigger: Pupils will join an inspiring online community of Childnet Digital Leaders from schools around the UK. With Childnet's unrivalled connections, young people will have opportunities to chat with top tech companies and they will have a say in creating a better internet for the future.

Benefits for your school

  • Make e-safety learning fun and effective
  • Empower youth voice and give young people opportunities to be role models
  • Digital Leaders gain confidence and key skills such as leadership, communication and team work
  • Positive impact on pupils - including safer online behaviours and increased e-safety knowledge
  • Engage and empower parents and staff
  • Evidence of youth involvement so you are ready for inspections
  • Helping you work towards outstanding e-safety practice in school
  • Connect with other schools 

Registration is now open for UK schools to enrol in the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. To receive a registration pack, which includes more information about the programme, please enter your details.