7-11 year olds

Sessions with children this age are some of our favourites to deliver! We love hearing about their online experiences and seeing them work together to offer advice and support.

We have developed our sessions to be as interactive as possible with lots of discussion and problem solving. We present the children with a number of scenarios which unfold through a tablet displayed on-screen. We then work together to identify and discuss the possible risks and share advice and top tips in an age-appropriate context. 

The exact scenarios used may vary, but generally for children aged 8-9 the scenarios used are:

  • Setting up a new gaming profile (keeping personal information safe)
  • Chatting on an online game with other players (being kind online and how to respond to online bullying)
  • Browsing a website for factual information (how to find reliable information online and recognising advertising)
  • Watching an online video (what to do if something upsetting or scary is seen online)
  • Receiving messages from a player on a game asking to meet up (online friendship, strangers and reporting grooming)

Generally for children aged 10-11 the scenarios used are:

  • Watching an online video (thinking about reliability online and recognising advertising)
  • Setting up an online profile (age restrictions and keeping personal information safe)
  • Chatting in a group message (chain messages, being kind online and how to respond to online bullying, incl. online reporting)
  • Chatting on an online game (online friendship, strangers and reporting grooming)
  • In-game notifications (screentime and healthy balance)

Resources to share with your child following their session in school:

Resources to support you as a parent: