Film Competition 2020

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This year was the 11th annual Childnet Film Competition, open to all young people based in the UK. The challenge was to create a positive, short online safety film or a storyboard with a script in response to this year’s theme:

We want an internet where we're free to...

Thank you to all of you who entered this year. We have been so impressed with the films and storyboards you made during the coronavirus lockdown. These will be used to educate other young people. Our judging panel were really inspired by everything you created and all our finalists will receive specialist film equipment for the school or youth organisation of their choice.

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How were the winners chosen?

We were looking for films or storyboards that told us why young people want an internet that allows people to feel free and safe online and how we can make this happen. Once again we were on the look-out for films with a positive and clear message about the ways we can use of the internet.




Once the finalists had been chosen, our esteemed panel of expert judges met (virtually!) to decide on the final winners.






You can find out more about our expert panel of judges here:

A different kind of Childnet Film Competition...

A home learning project

We knew the importance of keeping children entertained and in routine as much as possible during lockdown. We adapted our competition so that young people could enter individually or as a group from home. We also introduced a new category, creating a storyboard, which did not require any film making equipment. 

As with all of our competitions over the years, we always judge the content on the strength of message and creativity in delivering it. Whilst young people may not have had the access to specialist equipment we did not want that to stop them entering. We were amazed by the entries that came in. Young people have been so creative with the technology they had, including phones and tablets, and the ideas for their storyboards.  

We are really pleased that our film competition provided an engaging learning opportunity for the whole family and allowed young people to be so creative and show us their knowledge too.