Here are answers to the questions we are asked most often.

If you have a different question please email: [email protected]

  • How do we enter? Open or Close


    We are only accepting entries electronically this year. Do not post the entry forms or entries to us. 

    Entries should be made by the adult overseeing. 


    1. Complete the storyboard entry form for the young person entering. 
    2. Email the storyboard and script to [email protected] by 5pm on Monday 22nd June. 



    1. Make sure all participants (one person for the solo category and the whole group for the group category) have completed the media consent form in the entry pack.
    2. Complete the entry form for the category being entererd, solo or group. 
    3. Email all media consent forms and the entry form to [email protected] by 5pm on Monday 22nd June. 
    4. Send the completed film(s) to us by 5pm on Monday 22nd June. The film files may be too large to email to us, but you can send these to us by using sites like Dropbox and WeTransfer to send a file to [email protected]  
  • What’s the closing date of the competition? Open or Close

    Due to school closures around COVID-19 we have extended the deadline for Film Competition entries to: 

    5pm on Monday 22nd June. 

    Good luck! We are really looking forward to seeing the entries. 

  • What is the role of the adults involved? Open or Close

    The key role of adults in the competition is to help and to guide the young people involved.

    Whilst the film and storyboard content must be solely the work of the young people.

    The adults overseeing should act as mentors and guides. It is their job to make sure that the film or storyboard follows the theme and entry requirements. The young people may need help to meet the deadline but the entry must be their work.

    Most importantly, the adults are responsible for sending the film or storyboard into the competition.

  • Are there resources to help with the actual film making? Open or Close

    Yes, there is help in the packs for the adults overseeing and young people as well as a top tips page on the website:   


  • What are the prizes for the solo and group film categories? Open or Close

    All three finalists in both categories will receive film making equipment for their school or youth organisation. Their films will also receive BBFC accreditation which means they can be shown in any cinema in the UK!

  • What are the prizes for the storyboard category? Open or Close

    Winners will receive some fantastic prizes to help them create industry standard storyboards in the future. If you love drawing and have great ideas this is the category for you. 

  • Can I add music to the film? Open or Close

    The good news

    You can add music to the film but it must be completely copyright free.

    The not so good news

    Unfortunately you will probably find that most of the music you listen to on the radio will not be copyright free.

    Help is out there

    There are lots of websites which promote copyright or royalty free music but make sure that you read the small print as many sites ask for a license fee to use the track. There may be different conditions for how and where it will be used too.

    For more advice on this please read our advice about copyright

  • How long can my film be? Open or Close

    For both the Solo and Group category the film can be up to two minutes long.

    What happens if a film is longer than the stated time?

    Unfortunately, if the film runs over the stated time frame, we cannot consider it for the competition. Make sure you use the time allowed to get your messages across and this is why we say you do not need to add credits. 

    What about the storyboard category? How many frames can I make?

    We have set a limit of 12 frames for the storyboard category. You can also use words to explain what is happening. 

  • How many entries can we submit? Open or Close

    Entering the solo category

    If you are entering the solo or storyboard category then there is a limit of one entry per person.

    If you are entering the group category:

    Schools or youth groups can submit more than one entry as long as the groups or teams involved in creating them are different. 

    Family or friendship groups who have created a film can only submit one entry. 


    Reminder for ALL categories:

    An adult must oversee the work and enter on the behalf of the young person or group. 

  • Should we add credits to the end of the film? Open or Close

    You do not need to add credits to your film.

    If you do add any credits remember to only use the first name of each participants.

    If you are creating a film with credits then the whole film must be a maximum of two minutes long, including the time it takes for the credits to roll.  

  • How big can the group be? Open or Close

    For the groups category each group must contain at least two people and no more than eight. 

    Please note:

    This includes everyone involved in the making of the film, from the cast to the camera operator. 

  • What permission is needed? Open or Close

    We will need to have signed media consent forms for everyone taking part in the solo, group and storyboard categories. Be sure to submit these with your film entry as these forms allows us to use the winning films as tools to educate young people across the UK.

  • What is Childnet’s GDPR policy? Open or Close

    Your privacy is important to us

    Please see our full privacy policy here.