Here are answers to the questions we are asked most often.

If you have a different question please email: [email protected]

  • How do we enter? Open or Close

    You can send your films to us in two main ways.

    Share them with us at [email protected] using sites like via Dropbox and WeTransfer. 

    You can also put them on a USB stick and post them to us.

    Film Competition

    Childnet International

    Studio 14, Brockley Cross Business Centre

    96 Endwell Road


    SE4 2PD

  • What’s the closing date of the competition? Open or Close

    5pm on Wednesday 3rd June 2020.

  • How do we get to the finalists event? Open or Close

    Step 1

    Make an amazing film! Three films from both the Primary and Secondary categories will be finalists and invited to the Finalists event at the British Film Institute in London.

    Step 2

    We want entries from all over the UK so don’t worry if you are far away from London. We will arrange and pay for your travel to the event. We will liaise with you to find the best way to get you there.

  • Are there resources to help with the actual film making? Open or Close

    Yes, there is help in the packs for educators and for learners as well as a top tips page on the website:   



  • Can I add music to the film? Open or Close

    The good news

    You can add music to the film but it must be compleletly copyright free.

    The not so good news

    Unfortunately you will probably find that the music you listen to will not be copyright free.

    Help is out there

    There are lots of websites which promote copyright or royalty free music but make sure that you read the small print as many sites ask for a license fee to use the track. There may be different conditions for how and where it will be used too.

    For more advice on this please read our advice about copyright

  • How long can my film be? Open or Close

    Primary category

    One minute long 

    Secondary category

    Two minutes long

    What happens if a film is longer than the stated time?

    Unfortunately, if the film runs over the stated time frame, we cannot consider it for the competition. Make sure you use the time allowed to get your messages across and this is why we say you do not need to add credits. 

  • What about adding credits? Open or Close

    You do not need to add credits to your film.

    If you do add any credits remember to only use first names and don't let the credits mean your film goes over the time allowed. You have one minute in the Primary category and 2 minutes in the Secondary category. 

  • How many entries can be submitted from one school/youth group? Open or Close

    The more the merrier

    As long as they are from different groups within your school or youth setting, you can enter as many as you like.

  • How many young people can be in a group? Open or Close

    No more than 8 in a group

    Each group must contain at least two people and more than eight. We do not accept individual entries.

    Please note

    This includes everyone involved in the making of the film, from the cast to the camera operator. 

  • What are the prizes? Open or Close

    Here is what the finalists received last year

    These are some of the prizes we gave out in 2019. You will certainly receive film making equipment and BBFC accreditation for your film.

  • What is the role of the teacher / youth leader? Open or Close

    To help and to guide

    Whilst the film content must be the work of the young people, teachers or youth leaders should act as mentors to make sure the film message adheres to the brief. They are also responsible for entering the film into the competition.

  • What permission is needed? Open or Close

    Media consent

    We will need to have signed media consent forms for everyone in the film making team. If you make it to the Finalists Event and we do not have these, we won’t be able to show your film on the big screen at the British Film Institute. Be sure to submit these with your film entry.

  • What is Childnet’s GDPR policy? Open or Close

    Your privacy is important to us

    Please see our full privacy policy here.