Primary Pages: Tips for Teachers

On the Childnet website you can find a range of information pages specifically designed for children aged 8-11 years old. Each section has been written and developed by the Childnet team, in response to frequently asked questions that we hear directly from young people, and includes a quiz to review at the end.

This page features two resources that can be used by the children's workforce to support young people in engaging with the content on the primary pages.


  1. Quick Tips
    This is a double sided page with quick tips for school staff and other members of the children's workforce on how to use the primary pages. It explores how the pages can be used alongside the National Curriculum for England and suggests some more creative cross-curricular activities to promote online safety in any setting.
  2. Treasure Hunt
    This is a double sided worksheet for young people to use as a starting point for exploring the primary pages. The treasure hunt includes questions corresponding to the different sections available on the website and a word search to finish. An answer sheet is also available to download separately.

Quick tips on using the primary pages

Treasure Hunt Resource