How can I use this resource if my school doesn’t have a dedicated PSHE lesson?

This toolkit has been designed to suit the needs of different educators. Although not designed as an assembly resource, educators can be selective in the activities they use according to their PSHE timetable. For example, should you have a 40 minute PSHE lesson, 15 minutes tutor time, or if you lead a youth group, there are different aspects of this toolkit that you can can use to fit into your allocated time. We advise that you always use the films in conjunction with the follow-on discussion questions to ensure you cover all the messages and that key themes are handled effectively.

If your school doesn’t have a dedicated PSHE lesson, many of the topics and learning outcomes from this toolkit cover aspects of the Computing curriculum. For example, this curriculum requires Key Stage 3 students to be taught to understand:

  • How to use a range of technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely
  • How to recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct
  • How to report concerns

For more questions about this toolkit, read the guidance for educators section from pages 6 to 18. For support on using the lesson plans, see the topic guidance pages at the start of each topic section of this toolkit.