Fun 'Smartie the Penguin' activities

Make a mask

Make a Smartie the Penguin or Daddy and Mummy Penguin plate mask You can also use this link to create other penguin crafts.



Colour in Smartie and write some helpful advice 

Have a go at our colouring pages for Smartie and his family and write some advice for him in the speech bubbles.

-  You could stick these up on the wall near your device. 



Write a song 

Write a new verse to accompany Mummy Penguin's chorus, to help Smartie be safe on the internet.



Make a sock puppet 

Try making a penguin sock puppet to retell the story of Smartie the Penguin

- This site has some simple instructions.



Cartoon storyboard

Retell the story in a cartoon style story board.




Tell your own story

Come up with your own 3 scenarios which might happen to Smartie and talk about what he should do. 



Have a penguin tea party

Have a Smartie the Penguin tea party for your friends and family to teach them about how to stay safe online.