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Cyberbullying resources for parents and teachers
We have numerous resources, for both parents and for teachers and professionals, to help you if you think a young person is being bullied online.
StopLookListen17: Prevent and respond to cyberbullying
Improve your school or organisation’s approach to cyberbullying this National Safeguarding Month.
Online Bullying
In depth information and key advice on cyberbullying for parents and carers.
Cyberbullying and sexting: What to do?
A leading psychiatrist has warned that a rise in cyberbullying and sexting among teenagers could lead to more adults with mental health problems. 
Cyberbullying guidance and practical PSHE toolkit
Launch of new Cyberbullying Guidance along with practical teaching resources for schools.
Cyberbullying is a top concern for girls
Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2015 finds that cyberbullying is a top concern for girls, while 87% of 11-16 year old girls think they should learn about staying safe online at school.
Cyberbullying advice for parents and carers
In this blog we look at the things that parents and carers can do to support a young person who has experienced cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying Conference – 25th September 2007
Childnet International announced today that it would be assisting the The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in holding two national conferences on cyberbullying this autumn. The first of these conferences will be on Tuesday 25th September 2007 and will include the launch of new cyberbullying guidance for schools which has been produced for the Department by Childnet International in close consultation with members of the DCSF Taskforce on Cyberbullying.
Girls twice as likely as boys to experience cyberbullying
According to figures published this week by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, around twice as many girls (19 per cent) than boys (10 per cent) reported being a victim of cyberbullying in 2014.
Cyberbullying Guidance
Guidance for schools about understanding, preventing and responding to cyberbullying.
Crossing the Line - the trailer
The trailer for three short films launching in March that will provide educators with a practical approach to teach key online issues
Cyberbullying on EastEnders
Top tips from Shona McGarty, who plays Whitney Dean in EastEnders – the victim of the abuse – with tips on how to deal with online bullies along with advice on preventing bullying in the first place.
Cyberbullying - advice for parents and carers
We give advice for parents and carers concerned about cyberbullying and practical tips for how they can support their child.
Childnet launches Cyberbullying guidance and “Digizen” resource
Childnet International announced today the launch of important new guidance for schools to help them tackle the problems of cyberbullying. Part of the overall anti-bullying guidance called "Safe to Learn: Embedding Anti-bullying Work in Schools"
Cyberbullying - top tips for young people
7 top tips to help young people deal with cyberbullying.
New cyberbullying guidance and resources for schools
Our new cyberbullying guidance and online safety toolkit for use in PSHE lessons
In depth information and key advice on cyberbullying for teachers and professionals.
Girlguiding survey shows that 45% of girls have experienced cyberbullying
Following findings from the Girlguiding 2015 attitude survey here is our advice for what to do if you experience cyberbullying.
Government minister addresses Childnet cyberbullying conference
Kevin Brennan MP - Parliamentary Under Secretary for Children, Young People and Families joined 140 guests at the National Cyberbullying Conference organized by Childnet international and the Department for Children Schools and Families. This second national conference looking at Cyberbullying was held at the Emirates Football Stadium conference centre in North London and delegates included representatives from schools, charities, Local Authorities, Local Children’s Safeguarding Boards as well as industry and academia.
Press release: Understand, Prevent and Respond to Cyberbullying
Childnet to host CPD training events in both London and Manchester to launch new guidance and resources for schools
Preventing and responding to cyberbullying: events for schools announced by Childnet
Childnet events in Manchester and London during March will give schools practical strategies for preventing and responding to cyberbullying. 
In depth information and key advice on cyberbullying for 11-18 year olds.
EU Survey on ‘Cyberbullying among young people’
Aged 12 - 21? Have your say about cyberbullying by completing a European wide survey. 
Free cyberbullying resources for teachers
Following research by YoungMinds and The Children’s Society, we look at some resources that teachers can use to talk to their students about cyberbullying. 
How young people are shaping Childnet’s new cyberbullying project
An update about our work creating the cyberbullying guidance for schools and accompanying teaching resources
Free resources to help tackle cyberbullying
This week is Anti-Bullying Week, the yearly campaign organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. This year the theme of the week is 'Change Starts With Us', inspiring young people and adults across the UK to make positive changes and out an end to bullying.
Schools: have your say about cyberbullying
Join our school consultation into best practices in preventing and responding to cyberbullying
Anti-Bullying Week 2015 – resources for teachers
To help schools educate young people about cyberbullying this Anti-Bullying Week we've put together a list of resources.
Childnet to help tackle cyberbullying in UK schools
Childnet announced today that it has been awarded the contract by the Department for Education and Skills to research and provide guidance for schools on preventing and responding to cyberbullying. This first phase of this work will be carried out between January and April 2007.
What is cyberbullying and what can I do about it?
In this blog we give some really useful advice about the things you can do if someone is bullying you (or one of your friends) online.
Let’s Fight It Together
An award winning film for 11 to 14 year olds that illustrates the hurt and pain that can be caused by cyberbullying.
Stand up to bullying with our top tips!
Help tackle bullying this Stand Up to Bullying Day with our top tips for young people.
6 Tips for having a conversation with your child about cyberbullying
As Anti-Bullying Week comes to a close it is important to continue the conversations and messages that were highlighted during the week. Here are our 6 top tips for starting a conversation with your child about cyberbullying.
Childnet's 'Let’s Fight it together' film now available free to schools
Childnet’s award-winning Cyberbullying film, Lets Fight it Together , is now available as a DVD for schools to order free. This DVD, produced by Childnet for the Department for Children schools and Families in the UK (DCSF), is a practical resource to help schools, and the whole-school community, prevent and respond to cyberbullying. It is designed to challenge people to think about how they behave when using the internet and mobile technologies, the potential impact of cyberbullying, and ultimately to address and change unacceptable online activities thus helping to prevent young people and adults becoming victims or perpetrators of this behaviour.
Lesson plan and supporting resources for secondary aged pupils to deal focussing on cyberbullying. 
Anti-Bullying Week
This week is Anti-Bullying week. Let's put a stop to cyberbullying, together.
2015 at a glance
Some of Childnet's highlights from 2015, including Safer Internet Day, Childnet Film Competition and the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme.  
Youth-Led Inquiry into Cyberbullying and Cyberviolence
On 1 Aug Childnet joined a panel of experts to answer questions from a group of young people. 
Beth Tweddle tells us why she's supporting Anti-Bullying Week 2014
Beth Tweddle, Olympic Gymnast, gives her advice on how we can all work together to help tackle cyberbullying this Anti-Bullying Week.  
Filming underway for new Childnet resources
Filming has started for our new educational multimedia resources for secondary schools funded by the Government Equalities Office and focusing on issues such as cyberbullying and peer pressure
Stop Speak Support when you see online bullying
New video from the Royal Foundation’s Taskforce gives young people three steps to take when they witness cyberbullying.
Let’s Fight IT Together
In Sydney, Childnet CEO Will Gardner and Chris Chapman, Chair of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, launched the Australian version of the Let's Fight IT Together  film today. This award-winning resource has been adapted for Australian needs and is being made available free to all schools in Australia.
Be smart and safe online – a resource for deaf young people
3 practical lesson plans on the topics of sexting, safe social networking and cyberbullying aims to help deaf young people aged 11-16 to stay safe online
Department for Education publishes safeguarding guidance
Specific risks that relate to the internet are highlighted in the document, including online sexual exploitation, cyberbullying and sexting. 
Facebook launches Bullying Prevention Hub
Facebook launches Bullying Prevention Hub in the UK to help teens, families and schools to prevent and respond to cyberbullying.
Children’s online risks: UK trends from 2010 to 2013
Research from LSE shows that exposure to cyberbullying and harmful user-generated content is on the rise, while exposure to sexual messages has decreased, and young people are less likely to talk to strangers online or use social networking sites underage.
Advice for Professionals this Anti-Bullying Week
Kat Tremlett, a practitioner on the Professionals Online Safety Helpline, gives her advice for professionals who are concerned about cyberbullying this Anti-Bullying Week.
Anti-bullying week 2018 – get involved today
Anti-Bullying Week is taking place this week, running from the 12th – 16th November. The Anti-Bullying Alliance, who coordinate the week, are asking schools and youth groups to get involved and ‘Choose Respect’.
Where did it all begin
Find out about Childnet's achievements and projects since it was set up in 1995.
Free resources for teachers
We look at some of the free resources available to help teachers with their digital footprint as well as information about where to go if they need advice.
Anti-Bullying Week 2014
The Anti-Bullying Alliance is calling on all schools and the wider community to take action against bullying this Anti-Bullying Week.
Expert advisory board discuss Childnet’s online bullying project
A group of experts from a wide range of sectors met together in London to discuss Childnet's new project around online bullying, which is being funded by the UK Government.
Need help?
Help for specific concerns including reporting, responding to disclosures and safeguarding queries.
Need help?
Help for parents & carers on how to respond to online issues.
Childnet Digital Leaders mark the launch of Facebook partnership at ‘House of Us’ event
The ’House of Us’ event in London is a two-day immersive online safety exhibition showcasing youth voice online as well as the impact of cyberbullying on young people’s lives.
Social Media
In depth information and key advice on social media for parents and carers.
Stand Up to Bullying Day
Find out how you can get involved in Stand Up to Bullying Day on the 5th July!
Updated Know IT All for parents now available
Childnet International is delighted to announce that the Know IT All for parents CDRom is available again – all 1 million copies of the earlier version were ordered and distributed in less than 6 months – and it has been updated to include fresh content on new and significant issues including social networking, cyberbullying and reporting. The summary of this award winning resource is now available in 9 languages with the inclusion of Welsh in this version in addition to new British Sign Language content for children.
We are supporting Anti Bullying Week 2016!
This Anti-Bullying Week (14 -18th November) we will be using our #PowerforGood to help stop bullying.
Digital resilience
A lesson to deliver with 11-14 year olds to help them be resilient online.
Digital Leaders top internet tips
Childnet Digital Leaders are championing digital citizenship with six of their top internet safety tips.
Parents and Carers
Advice for parents and carers to help support children and young people in their safe and responsible use of the internet.
Always tell someone if anything upsets you online (this section offers advice on how to approach the subject of who to tell and how to tell if something or someone has upset you online) 
#ChooseRespect this Anti-Bullying Week
Anti-Bullying Week is taking place this month, running from the 12th – 16th November. The Anti-Bullying Alliance, who coordinate the week, are asking schools and youth groups to get involved and celebrate this year’s theme of ‘Choose Respect’.
Be kind online (this section looks at respect and the importance of being a considerate online citizen)
In highlight - free online safety films
In this blog we are highlighting some of our key, free resources that address online safety issues with engaging video content.
Q&A with Childnet Education Manager, Caroline Hurst.
Caroline shares what happens at a Childnet Education Visit
Childnet announces new CEO
Childnet is pleased to announce the appointment of Will Gardner as the organisation’s new CEO following an external recruitment process.
Revised Statutory Safeguarding Guidance for Schools in England
Today the Department for Education has published its revised statutory guidance; ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’
The new PSHE Toolkit – 7 key facts
We look at the 7 key things you need to know about the new PSHE Toolkit.
New Growing up Digital report from the Children’s commissioner
Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England today published the Growing Up Digital report which explores how well children are prepared to engage with the internet.
Young people continue to shape the PSHE Toolkit
We are excited to announce that we are now in the initial phase of extending the Crossing the Line PSHE Toolkit!
Childnet addresses European health professionals
CEO gives key note speech at EUSUHM Congress 2007. Childnet’s Chief Executive, Stephen Carrick-Davies travelled to Tampere in Finland this week to give a keynote speech to health professionals at the European Union for School and University Health and Medicine (EUSUHM) congress.