Childnet logoSorted was produced in the latter half of 2005 by children's internet charity Childnet International. A registered charity in the UK (no. 1080173), Childnet aims to "help make the Internet a great and safe place for children", and is also committed to highlighting some of the most positive uses of the Internet. You can see some of these in the Sorted Showcase section. Read more about Childnet's work by clicking on the logo to the left.

There isn't a day that goes by without a news story published on one of the threats of the Internet. More recently, the threats come from the misuse of personal information in the form of spamming or fraud. But the Internet is a great tool, and young people shouldn't be discouraged from using it just because of the risks. Sorted was written to highlight some of the measures that can be taken to "get it sorted", helping users to maintain the security of their personal information and computer system alike.

Rob in JamaicaThe site was designed, written and produced by Rob Wright, aged 18 from Northampton in the UK. Rob was a winner of the Childnet Academy in 2005 with his site Xenonic.com. Since then he's worked with some of the other winners in producing Eagles Breakaway, a community site for young people to share stories of how education is changing their lives.

Rob is currently in the first year of his Computer Networks & Security degree at UCE Birmingham. When he's not developing websites, he can be found creating music with his friends, and writing about himself in the third person.

BT logo "At BT we believe young people have the right to have their voices heard and the internet is an excellent way to do this. Keeping your computer – and yourself – safe is vitally important. We’re proud to support Sorted and Childnet. Find out more about how BT helps young people communicate at www.bt.com/education/teenzone."

You can find out more about Childnet's award-winning projects at www.childnet-int.org.

Special thanks go to J Barck for the silhoutette graphics. Also thanks to Geoff Stearns for the SWFObject library.

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