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What do the experts say about it? - "P2P is a popular technology for file sharing software applications like Kazaa, WinMX and Overnet. P2P technology helps the P2P client applications upload and download files over the P2P network services."
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What's the Problem?

The majority of P2P usage, or file-sharing, is done with copyrighted files. If you haven't paid for the music, but you're downloading it without the permission of the artist, then you're breaking the law. We're not going to reiterate what the music industry has been saying for a while now, but that's where you stand - realise that you're breaking the law.

P2P networks aren't just about sharing the latest R&B albums or downloading movies before they're released on DVD - there's a darker side too. A lot of illegal content such as child pornography is available on these networks and it's all too easy to download it by mistake. If you end up with that on your computer, you've got a big problem on your hands.
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But how does this affect me?

Why is it relevant? Well, in 2003 a 12-year-old girl was sued for downloading music illegally and ended up having to pay around £1,000. Or rather, her parents did. This isn't something that just happens to people downloading and selling music on the black market. Aside from the legal aspect, there's a lot of stuff floating around file sharing networks, illegal pornography and viruses, that you really wouldn't want to encounter.
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Get it Sorted

Try to steer clear of using file sharing programs - if you choose to continue to using them, check out the following advice.

Find out more

For further reading on file sharing, take a look at the following sites:

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