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Childnet's mission is to help make the Internet a great and safe place for young people. The Childnet Academy programme that has run for the last 8 years has helped showcase some of the Internet's most talented and inspiring young webmasters from throughout the world who have produced some outstanding projects on a variety of issues. Even this Sorted website was produced by a winner of the 2005 Academy. Here in the Shorted Showcase section you'll find links to some of the best online content written for young people, by young people - take a look around.

Showcase screenshot Eagles Breakaway
A winner in the new-to-the-net category of the 2005 Childnet Academy awards, Shawna-Kaye Lester from Jamaica had the idea for a website to inspire young people and show them the opporunities available to them in the field of education. After teaming up with some of the other international winners, the site was launched in the summer of 2005 and has many stories from young people around the world.
Showcase screenshot Biotechnology - The Food Solution
Seventeen year old Samuel Odofin had a real concern about the low level of food production in Africa, so last year he began an in-depth research project on how food production could be boosted. He wanted to produce a learning resource for other young people to help them understand the emerging science of Biotechnology. Written in three languages, the website is a warehouse of scientific information, with challenging articles and interactive quizzes.
Showcase screenshot SARS - An Open Scar
Van Truong from the USA saw the destruction caused by the SARS virus in the media and set out to assemble an international team of young people to create a site giving reliable and accessible information for all. SARS - An Open Scar is the result, an impressive and truly international site also recognised with an award from ThinkQuest, packed full of information on both the science behind SARS and the people it affects.
Showcase screenshot It's All In The Mix!
Students from Lagan College, Northern Ireland's first religiously integrated school wanted to share their experiences of 'mixing' in a divided community with young people in other divided communities around the world. Through the development of a young-person's website they have shared and celebrated differences under a theme of "being a stronger voice for being the same - only different!".
Showcase screenshot Cool Kids for a Cool Climate
Sarah Bowler produced this website on the theme of "Think Global, Act Local". Returning from an international conference on the environment in Canada last year, Sarah launched the website to promote the idea of planting trees to compensate for the amount of pollution caused by different modes of transport. She has even made arrangements with the local South Yorkshire forest to enable people to plant trees.
Showcase screenshot Norfolk Blurb
Norfolk Blurb is a website dedicated to the youth of Norfolk. Visit the website to find out all about what is happening in the Norfolk area, or participate in a scheduled chat discussion. Norfolk Blurb also has its very own agony aunt, Aunty Blurb who will answer all your questions, and you can also check out past replies. There's several informative articles written on important youth-related issues.
Showcase screenshot Young MDG
In September 2000, the United Nations approved eight Millennium Development Goals to combat some of the pressing issues faced by the world's poor including poverty, inequality, a lack of education and poor health. Making these goals more understandable for young people, Angelicum from the Philipines designed and produced "Young MDG", helping the youth to get involved and change the world.

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