Parental controls

In addition to supporting children to stay safe online, it can help to empower parents with the skills and knowledge to protect their children while going online at home. In particular, parental controls can help limit the chances of children being exposed to inappropriate content online.

What are parental controls?

Parental controls are features that may be included in new technology such as personal computers, tlaptops, tablets, computer and video games, computer software, mobile phones and digital television services.

These controls can be used to limit access to only age appropriate content, to set usage times and limits and to monitor activity.

What resources can I share with parents?

You could share these free online resources with parents or embed the video guides about How to set up parental controls on your school website.


Where else can parents find information?

Modern technology and software is made by a large number of manufacturers, so there are often differences between devices as to what parental controls exist, where they are located, and how they are named.

  • A good first step is to consult the manual or documentation that came with the device, as these often contain step by step instructions for finding and setting these controls.
  • Typing the name of the device and the words ‘parental controls’ into a search engine such as Google or Bing should also direct you to the manufacturer’s website where step by step or video tutorials are often present.
  • Another useful step is to contact the organisation or company who supply your school with these devices. They should be able to demonstrate the parental controls and how to configure them.
  • If you have purchased the device in a high street store, then ask a sales assistant in store when purchasing the device to show you where to find the parental controls and explain how they work.