Childnet visit FAQs

How will you use my data from the enquiry form?

We require some contact details in order to process a school visit enquiry. We take the protection of your personal data seriously, and will only use the data for the purposes of the enquiry and coordinating any subsequent visit. We will hold the data only for as long as it is needed, see our privacy policy for more detail.

We need DBS information for anyone visiting our school. How do we get hold of this?

Prior to your visit our office will be in touch to provide you with a letter confirming the DBS certificate number, date obtained and position held of the presenter/s who will be visiting your school. Please be aware that our Childnet visits are unregulated activity so should be supervised by school staff. Should you require any additional information we encourage you to share this with your presenter and contact our Office Manager Sharon McQuarrie at [email protected] prior to the visit. On the day our presenters are happy to show photo ID and more information on each of their backgrounds can be found at

What do we need to prepare for the presenter before the visit?

The presenter will aim to arrive 30 minutes before the first session is due to start. The presenter will bring their own laptop, but will need access to a screen/projector with sound. If there any special instructions required in getting to your school, for example, a particular entrance to use, or signing-in procedure, please let the presenter know this before the visit.

How do we request something different to the advertised sessions?

We understand that every school or community is different, and are very happy to take into consideration the particular needs of your setting. If you require something different in terms of the content or timings of the session, please make this known on the booking form under ‘Additional needs.’ You can also contact us directly by email at [email protected] or on 020 7639 6967.

How can we ensure a good turn-out for a parents’ session?

From previous experience, we have found schools sometimes find getting parents/carers to attend a session difficult. We would encourage you to advertise the session well in advance, and to put out several reminders as the day gets nearer. You might like to put posters up around the school, or publish a reminder in the school newsletter. We have a poster and template letter that you may like to use, please email [email protected] for more information.

It is also important to think carefully about what time you want to host the session. An evening session will work well for some parents, but others might prefer a 9am coffee morning start time. We can hold parent sessions as coffee mornings, before pick up, after school or in the evening between 6-8pm. 

For more ideas on how to attract parents to an online safety session, see our blog post about this issue.

Our school/setting is based far away from London – can we still book a visit?

All of our presenters as based in and around London so if your school/setting is more than 2 hours away from London terminals by public transport, we may require an overnight stay either the night before or night after the activity day. This will depend on the number of sessions requested and the start/ finish time. We would kindly ask the school/setting to cover the expenses attached to this. If an overnight stay is needed, we would welcome any suggestions on good value places to stay in the local area.

We have a limited budget/special financial circumstances – can we discuss the cost?

Childnet does not want to inhibit the safety messages reaching as many children as possible. If you would like to run an activity day but the school has limited resources or budget, please contact [email protected] and we can discuss this with you.