Amy Lockwood

Assistant Education Manager

Amy joined the Childnet team in November 2017 as Education Officer. Amy is a qualified teacher who taught KS2 in Ely after completing her PGCE at the University of Cambridge.

Prior to this, she graduated from Aberystwyth University with a degree in Human Geography. During her degree studies Amy pursued her interest in how young people engage with the digital world, completing a dissertation titled ‘#digitalcitizenship. A geographical study of the construction of youth citizenship through social media and the Internet.’

Amy grew up as an active Internet user and is passionate about the exciting opportunities the digital world has to offer young people.



My top online safety tip:

It’s very easy to forget that behind every screen in the digital world is a real person or real people with real feelings and emotions. If you wouldn’t say or do something to someone in the real world, then you probably shouldn’t be saying or doing it online!

My recommended resources for staff working with young people: