Need help?

There are lots of people who can help!

If something upsets you online or you are worried about a friend it can really help to talk to someone. There are lots of people who can help you. You should try to talk to an adult you trust if anything has upset you or made you feel uncomfortable whilst online. Remember you can always visit ChildLine to chat to a counsellor online or call them on 0800 1111 if you ever need to talk to someone in confidence.

Is something breaking the law? Report it!

If you are worried about something that has happened to you online there are a number of organisations that can help. Also see our Hot topics for more information on staying safe online.

Inappropriate contact: Adults who go online to chat to young people and arrange to meet up in order to cause them harm are breaking the law. If you have met someone online and conversations with that person are making you feel uncomfortable then tell an adult you trust or you can report it to the police.

Criminal content: If you stumble across criminal content online, you should report this to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). Unsure if it is criminal content? Visit the IWF website to find out what can be reported.

The services you use:

Some of the online services you use have great help and advice areas. If you have questions about how to report, block or delete then these are great places to look. Click on the logo to learn more about staying safe on your favourite services.