Parental controls

Parental controls are designed to help protect children from inappropriate content they may come across online. These controls can be used to limit access to only age appropriate content, to set usage times and to monitor activity. 

It’s worth being aware that no parental controls or filtering options are 100% fool proof. As well as setting up parental controls it’s important to educate your children about the potential risks online, and establish rules concerning the sites that are suitable, or inappropriate, to visit. It's important that you involve yourself in their online world; as a starting point you could ask them what their favourite websites are and why they like them. 

Where should I begin?

Once you have bought a new device for your child, have a look at the manual that came with it as these normally contain some information and a step by step guide on how to install parental controls. You could also type the name of the device plus parental controls into a search engine eg. ‘Nintendo DSi + parental controls’. This can help you to find how-to guides and useful video tutorials.

Portable devices

Children are accessing the internet on a range of different devices. Gone are the days where the only way to surf the web was on a desktop computer in your home. You can now access the internet wherever and whenever you want. Your child may be using portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, gaming devices (eg Nintendo DSi), media players (eg iPod Touch) and tablets (eg iPad). It can really help to be informed about how to install parental controls onto each device.

Practical guides about setting up parental controls: