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What technology does my school need to be part of the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme?

Posted on 21 August 2018

Some teachers may be concerned that their school might not have the right technology to be able to run the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. Danielle Antha, Project Manager for the programme, explains how easy it is to get involved.

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Teachers’ role in the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme

Posted on 14 August 2018

Whilst young people are leading the way in the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme, this blog looks at the important role that teachers play too. 

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King’s Ely Digital Leaders host a ‘Digital Picnic’

Posted on 07 June 2018

The Digital Leaders Team visited King’s Ely School to meet their Digital Leaders and attend their second ‘Digital Picnic’ for students and their parents and carers.

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Guest blog - Childnet Digital Leaders from Hazelmere Junior School

Posted on 23 April 2018

The Childnet Digital Leaders from Hazelmere Junior School share their ideas and talk about what they did to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2018.

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Digital leaders develop alternative online safety education facility in school

Posted on 06 April 2018

Childnet Digital Leaders from Sarah Bonnell School in London educate their peers using outstanding alternative education strategies and demonstrate how the Digital Leaders Programme can transform online safety provision in schools. 

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Primary school teacher writes about the Digital Leaders who are making a difference in his school

Posted on 23 March 2018

The teacher who runs the Childnet Digital Leader Programme at King’s Ely Junior School gives his tips on being a group leader and shares how the programme has helped promote online safety in school

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Childnet Digital Leaders visit Parliament and meet MPs

Posted on 23 February 2018

Digital Leaders from Passmores Academy and St Paul’s School were invited to a ‘Digital Safety Drop In’ hosted by Facebook at The House of Commons on Wednesday.

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Digital Leaders lead school assembly about safety

Posted on 08 December 2017

The Digital Leaders from Stanburn Primary School tell us about the exciting things they have done since training as Childnet Digital Leaders.

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Over three thousand young people across the UK become Childnet Digital Leaders

Posted on 27 September 2017

Our Childnet Digital Leaders are trained to champion positive use of technology in their school in order to educate their peers.

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Over 1 in 10 young people have ‘gone live’

Posted on 21 August 2017

Our new youth research finds Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live are the most popular livestreaming services among 8-17 year olds.

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