Amy joins Childnet as Education Officer

Posted on 08 November 2017

We’re delighted to welcome Amy as the newest member of the Childnet team! We caught up with Amy to find out a bit more her new role here at Childnet.

How have you found working at Childnet so far?

Amazing! Everybody has been so welcoming and friendly, plus I’ve been lucky enough to visit two schools in my first four days. It’s been a whirlwind of information and advice but I’m very excited to start applying what I’ve learnt so far.

What did you do before coming to Childnet? How will this help you in your new role?

I was a primary school teacher for two years teaching everything from rugby to e-safety, so I’m used to talking and working with young people. I have also always been interested in the huge potential benefits the Internet has to offer, writing my undergraduate dissertation on how young people engage with citizenship through digital media.

What part of working at Childnet are you most looking forward to?

Getting out and speaking to young people of all different ages and backgrounds! Even though I grew up with the Internet, everything is evolving at such a rapid rate that the experiences of young people today are already a world away from my own. I’m very excited to hear what the young people we work with have to say - they’re the real experts who guide everything we do!

What is your top online safety tip?

I think it’s very easy to forget that behind every screen in the digital world is a real person or real people. If you wouldn’t say or do something to someone in the real world, then you probably shouldn’t be saying or doing it online!

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