Announcing the winners of the Childnet Film Competition

Posted on 03 July 2019

Yesterday saw the finalist’s event of the Childnet Film Competition, where 6 talented schools got to see their films on the big screen at the BFI and find out who was taking home 1st, 2ndand 3rd place.

The event was attended by 42 young people and over 50 Industry guests. The event revolved around the young people and the films that they had created, with a private screening of the finalists’ films at the BFI on London’s Southbank.

Introducing the winners

In the Primary Category

1st Place: Sandown School - The internet belongs to me and this is how it is going to be

Told through stop motion animation, a catchy tune and spoken word, this film compares present day use of the internet to that of a brighter and more positive future online.

2nd Place: Belthorn Academy Primary School - Childnet Report

This film transports us to a newsroom in the future. Set 10 years from now, we find out what changes have been made to improve the internet for people around the world.

3rd Place: Bromley High Junior School - Our Future Online

A cautionary tale about 2 friends who learn the consequence of their actions if they share a mean comment online.  A fortunate visit from the voice inside their computer shows them what will happen if they send that message.

Watch all the primary films here:

In the Secondary Category

1st Place: Christleton High School - New Tools, Better Outcomes

Using clay animation as a metaphor to demonstrate the potential of the internet, the students from Christleton share what they would like their future internet to look like.

2nd Place: Super 8 Stage and Screen School - InterYet To Come

Amelie is paid a visit from a couple of interesting characters who want to show her the benefit of age appropriate laws for the internet and how these will help everyone in the future.

3rd Place: South Hampstead High School - The Adventures of Mr Button

Whist waiting to be interviewed for a dream job, Mr Button Man decides to send a quick tweet.

But is he really thinking about what he posts? A film that looks at how your digital footprint could affect your future?

Watch all the secondary films here:

The Judges

Our panel of experts had the unenviable task of judging the finalists’ films. Our Judges are members of industry who looked at the films considering which were the most creative, closest to the theme and which had a clear message. The judges for the 2019 film competition were:

Lisa Prime - Children’s Events Programmer, BAFTA

David Austin OBE - Chief Executive, British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)

Joanna van der Meer - Film Tutor and Family Learning Programmer, BFI Southbank

Catherine McAllister - Lead for online safety and Head of Safeguarding in the Children’s department, BBC


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