Bluebeam Security supports Childnet by undertaking 40 mile walk.

Posted on 18 July 2008

Harpenden-based Bluebeam Security LLP is preparing to undertake the Lyke Wake Challenge this Sunday, July 19th, to raise money for Childnet.

The Lyke Wake Walk is a 40 mile crossing of the North Yorkshire moors along its main east-west watershed, which Bluebeam are hoping to cross in under 12 hours.

Crew member Neville Gibbons, emphasised the importance of choosing a charity where donations go directly into education and child protection projects:

"Kids are trusting, curious and keen to explore the opportunities that Internet access provides, and the relationships it brings. It is vital that children receive the right supervision and common-sense advice that will become the standard for how they look at the Internet elsewhere. We're doing our bit to support Childnet, who do just this."

Childnet's School's Manager Ellen Coen said:

"We are delighted that Bluebeam have chosen to support us in this way. The donation that we will receive will help to support the continued production of meaningful and impactful resources on all aspects of online safety. We know from our work in schools that these resources are well received and that they do make a difference in how children and young people behave online."

You can support Childnet and the Bluebeam team by donating at

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