Charlie joins Childnet as Education Officer

Posted on 04 May 2020

We’re delighted to welcome Charlie as the newest member of the Childnet team! We caught up with Charlie to find out a bit more his new role here at Childnet.

How have you found working at Childnet so far?

Starting a new role at a new place of work during the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ is incredibly strange and comes with an array of challenges. However, everyone has been so lovely and welcoming, and has made it very easy to feel right at home and instantly part of the team.

What did you do before coming to Childnet? How will this help you in your new role?

I taught English at secondary schools for six and a half years. I also taught Media, Drama and Religious Studies at different points throughout my career. Furthermore, I was Head of Year 11 for a year and a half, providing me with a wealth of experience in the pastoral care of young people. Online safety was certainly an issue that I had to oversee on a regular basis, and I feel that my experience with this is highly applicable to my new role at Childnet.

What part of working at Childnet are you most looking forward to?

I worked at my first school for nearly six years and had a fantastic time there. However, I am now really looking forward to being able to speak to young people of different ages all across the country, and being part of the ongoing dialogue around online safety.

What is your top online safety tip?

Be wary of online sources that allow anonymous communication, as this can become hurtful and upsetting quite quickly. Screenshot any communication that makes you feel uncomfortable and show it to an adult that you trust. Do not engage with it and, if you are able to, block the sender. Instead, use the internet to speak with your close friends in a supportive and collaborative way.


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