Childnet CEO honoured with Doctorate

Posted on 24 October 2016

We are delighted to announce that Childnet’s CEO Will Gardner has been honoured with a Doctorate from the University of Suffolk. 

Will joined Childnet in 2000 and was appointed CEO in 2009. He is an Executive Board member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety and also sits on Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board. In his time at Childnet Will has led the development of Childnet’s range of award-winning e-safey resources for children, parents and carers, and teachers and schools, as well as coordinating Safer Internet Day which reached 40% of UK children in 2016.

The University of Suffolk awards Honorary Doctorates to recognise notable contributions to the educational and cultural well-being of society.

Dr Emma Bond from the University of Suffolk has said “Will has been a tremendous supporter of our university, collaborating in research partnerships and coming to speak at conferences for many years. His amazing achievements are well deserving of the honorary award Will is here to receive.”

Will Gardner said “I am very proud for Childnet too as it really is a reflection of the work we have been doing for the last 20 years. I am hoping people will see that this award is being given to me but really to the organisation too and I am hoping that will be of great benefit as we are always trying to reach out to more people.”

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