Childnet Education Sessions - Parents & Carers Evaluation

Posted on 29 August 2014

Childnet Education Sessions help young people and parents feel confident about using the internet safely. 

At our education sessions we talk to these audiences about how to stay safe online and empower young people with the skills, knowledge and resilience they need to navigate any online risks they come across.

In the academic year September 2013-July 2014 we spoke to over 4,000 parents and carers across the UK.

Our aim in the session is to leave parents with the knowledge about how to protect young people online and empower them with take home advice to implement into their children’s online lives. We cover issues such as the positive use of the internet - exploration of websites and apps that offer opportunities to discover, connect and create.  We talk through the potential misuse of the technologies and how children and young people can be vulnerable to inappropriate content, conduct, contact and commercial risks. 

An evaluation of approximately 100 parents found that 94% felt more confident about supporting their children to use the internet safely after attending a Childnet education session, and 99% said they learnt something new.

As a parent at Newland House School said, the session taught me “to be empowered by the internet and not be so afraid.”

Our main aim is to empower and inspire parents and carers to start an ongoing dialogue with their children about the safe, responsible and positive use of technology, and it’s great to see that 97% said that as a result of the session they will now speak to their children about staying safe online. 

One parent said the session gave them the confidence to find “ways to have good conversations and ask my child what he is doing online, e.g. what he enjoys, and showing me things to open up dialogue”, while another parent said they learnt that “it’s better to talk to children than to threaten or ban the use of the internet”.

Whilst our sessions focus on using the internet safely we always like to take a balanced approach by highlighting the positive uses of the internet.  This approach made a real impact with several parents saying they will now have a more positive attitude to technology and how they support their children online:

“I won’t be negative but will be more supportive to encourage trust”

“I'll explain that if she wants to tell me about a problem, I won't react by denying access to technology but we'll work out [what to do]”

“Always thought of digital footprint as “negative” but realised how positive it could be. Good to get a balance.”

“(I learnt that I need) to keep up to date and a lot more positivity”

 If you'd like to discuss booking an education session for you school please email [email protected]

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