Childnet Film Competition 2018 – January's best of the rest

Posted on 28 January 2019

This summer the Childnet Film Competition invited schools and youth organisations from across the UK to capture their internet safety messages in a short film, looking at the theme of ‘Connect with respect’.

The competition, run as part of Childnet’s work in the UK Safer Internet Centre, saw the highest ever number of entries in 2018 with a total of 223 films submitted and over 1,000+ young people taking part!

The competition is a firm favourite in the Childnet calendar and we always enjoy watching each and every film that gets sent in.

The tricky thing is making the difficult decision of picking the top three films in each category. To help us with this process we stick to a firm list of points which all films must adhere to.

Introducing the final two films from the best of the rest:

Over the last few months we have been showcasing the films which made it to the shortlist of our 2018 competition.

We have already seen 6 of these brilliant films and now it is time to introduce our final two.


The Kings School in Macclesfield’s film ‘Connect with Respect’, introduce us to Respectogirls, a trio of Superhero’s who step in to save the day when someone posts a mean message. Their advice to create, connect and share respect is the perfect mantra for us to remember and help make the internet a better place.

Penyrenglyn Primary School in Treorchy took a very different approach and sent in their report based film ‘Connect with respect’, using statistics to show us how young people are feeling online and a positive message on the importance of connecting with respect. Apparently, 68% of the young people they interviewed thought that their parents spend too much time on social media!

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