Childnet has runner in the London Marathon

Posted on 30 March 2012

Childnet is thrilled that Andy Marlow is running the Virgin London Marathon in aid of Childnet. We asked Andy a few questions about himself, why he enjoys running and why he’s running for Childnet.


Andy Marlow



What you do for a living:



Cycling, running, reading, teaching, football …

How did you start running?

I first started to run at school. I remember that I was in a cross country race with my year group. I didn't like being overtaken so just kept running faster, won the sprint finish and then vomited. I stopped running until 2007 when I was teaching in Kenya, where I was regularly overtaken by 8 year olds running barefoot! I ran my first half marathon on dirt tracks through a national park. It was truly inspiring running against a backdrop of the endless savannah with the possibility of having to deal with interesting wildlife at any second!

Why you are running the marathon for Childnet:

I'm delighted to be running the marathon for Childnet. I'm really inspired by the work that they do to keep children and young people safe online. As a teacher - I know that the internet is a fantastic resource for both myself and also my students. Teaching older students - I think some of the challenges that they face are the less obvious things - such as the lasting impact their actions could have - on their friends but also for their futures. The work that they do with children and young people as well as the support they offer to parents and carers is second to none and I'm really pleased to support their work in this way.

How is your training going?

Reasonably well, but nursing a few old injuries too. My race tactics are to run hard and hold on! It'll be a mental and physical challenge.

What time you are aiming for:

My first marathon was the Copenhagen marathon last May which I ran in 3hrs 16 - so would like to better that.

How can we support you?

I'm hoping to have a team of friends cheering me on at various points around the course, but I've got a just giving page at

and would welcome any donations.

Tell us something no-one else knows about you:

hmmmm … if I tell you then everyone knows and I won't be able to answer this question in future.

A final thought for us:

It's the internet - let's keep it safe!

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