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Posted on 23 May 2006

Childnet’s file-sharing guide distributed in 21 counties and now translated and launched in China. 

Childnet’s guide for Parents on P2P, File-sharing and Downloading issues was launched this week in Hong Kong by the IFPI and Government’s Intellectual Property Department. Since Childnet produced this guide last year, the safety advice leaflet has been re-produced and distributed in 21 countries with different language versions in Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese.

Originally produced for the Pro-Music Alliance representing an alliance of groups from across the music sector, the leaflet has now been supported and promoted by a range of partners world-wide including UNICEF, Save the Children Fund, libraries and school districts, parent associations, the media and retailers such as Virgin Megastores.

Stephen Carrick-Davies Childnet’s CEO says

“The success of this leaflet has bee truly staggering and illustrates the way Childnet can work in partnership with others to have a truly global impact.  The Internet is changing all the time and it is vital to respond quickly and provide parents with quality, timely and positive advice on emerging issues.  It is only through working in collaboration that we have been able to reach such a world-wide market and we are delighted that it is being translated and used by others.”

Adrian Strain, Director of Communications at IFPI says

"When we were looking to produce this guidance  we came to Childnet because of their experience of working with children and parents on internet safety issues.   Our partnership with Childnet exceeded all our hopes and expectations. We appreciated their skills in writing this leaflet in away which is balanced and succinct for parents, yet which also manages to cover the range of safety issue from privacy, security to legal concerns.  The fact that this leaflet has already been translated and into 7 different languages and now been distributed in 21 countries worldwide shows the positive impact Childnet has had in helping us reach our key audiences with the message that it is possible to enjoy music online by downloading legally and safely. We very much value our partnership with Childnet and we hope to be developing new resources with them in the future."

The leaflet continues to draw positive feedback from both parents and industry and was cited as an example of “Commendable Practice”  in the European Commission’s Charter document on Online Film which was released at the Cannes Film Festival [1]

The leaflet is currently being translated into Icelandic and Croatian and other countries including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Greece and Mexico all plan to launch the leaflet over by the end of the year.

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