Childnet launch Annual Review

Posted on 09 June 2009

Childnet has published its Annual Review 2008, outlining the work of Childnet over the past 2 years and setting targets for the future.

Some of the highlights include helping to establish and develop an internet safety programme in Egypt, the sharing and adaptation of resources for use in Australia, New Zealand and a range of other countries, as well as working with and producing educational resources for the new UK Council for Child Internet Safety, and throughout all of this and more, keeping children and young people at the heart of Childnet’s work.

CEO Will Gardner said,

“I am delighted to showcase the particular achievements outlined in our Annual Review. Childnet can only do this important work with the support and partnership of others, and we thank those who have supported and collaborated with us over this period.

The need for Childnet and its work is just as, if not more important than ever, as we see ever younger children having ever greater access to and ownership of new technology, as children have become incredible publishers as well as pioneers, taking and sharing photos, films and other information, and as those that care for and are responsible for children need support in their role in this changing environment.

During this year and the next we look to continue to address this need by expanding our work into new areas, and to continue existing partnerships and to establish new ones. We will do everything we can to continue to help make the internet and new technologies safe for children and to promote the voice of youth in a digital world."

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