Childnet launch new logo for Youth IGF Project

Posted on 08 May 2009

Childnet International has unveiled a new logo designed to support the Youth IGF Project.

The vibrant logo has been designed to accompany the project and Childnet’s outreach in this area and will feature on the soon to be launched Youth IGF Project YouTube channel.

Lucinda Fell said,

“As we capture the voice of youth to take to the Internet Governance Forum, we are really pleased to launch this new logo which captures the essence of this project.

The inclusion of speech bubbles in the design of the logo supports the project’s aim to amplify the voice of youth and conveys the project’s aim to reach a wide number of children and young people.

It’s really important for children and young people to have their say to help shape the Internet for their future and the colour focus on the letter ‘i’ underlines the importance of the individual in engaging with the IGF.

We look forward to promoting the project over the coming months and would encourage any schools who want to be part of this exciting project to contact us.”

Contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

Childnet’s Youth IGF Project

The Youth IGF project will provide young people with a chance to voice their opinions on the four main themes of the IGF; openness, access, security and diversity as they relate to the Internet, in response to criticisms that there had been little involvement of young people in the debate at the IGF.

The Youth IGF Project is supported by Nominet Trust.

About Nominet Trust

Nominet Trust is a charity that provides funds for innovative projects, which strive to improve and encourage the development of a safe, educational and inclusive Internet.

The Trust will provide grants to organisations that can demonstrate vision and execution for Internet-related projects that make a tangible difference in developing a safe, educational and inclusive Internet in the UK and other countries.

Initial funding comes from Nominet, the Internet registry for .uk domains, one of the world’s largest domain name registries.

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