Childnet supports IWF Awareness Day – 24th October 2008

Posted on 24 October 2008

Childnet is pleased to support the IWF awareness day which aims to raise public awareness of the IWF 'Hotline' and of the IWF's work minimising the availability of illegal online content, in partnership with the internet industry and the police.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) underlined the importance of its Awareness Day today with the release of new research highlighting that 67% of UK adults have internet access and that 99% of adult internet users in the IWF survey agreed that the internet is an overwhelmingly positive resource in everyday life.

Childnet International Deputy CEO Will Gardner said,

“As an organisation seeking to make the Internet a great and safe place for children, Childnet is happy to publicly support the important work carried out by the Internet Watch Foundation and their effective approach to tackling child sexual abuse content online.

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