Childnet supports the launch of a new book for children: Who wnts 2 no?

Posted on 04 March 2009

Who wnts 2 no?

Written by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

Illustrated by Geo Parkin

Childnet are pleased to support the World Book Day launch of The Cybernuts, Who wnts 2 no? featuring a laugh-out-loud tale of a boy with a plan to get-rich-quick, his two smart friends and some evil aliens, created by O2 to raise children’s awareness of online safety.

Who wnts 2 no? is a story about school friends Dud, Zip and Mouse, also known as the Cybernuts, designed to inspire children to read for enjoyment alongside encouraging them to be smart and stay safe online. O2, in association with Childnet, invited authors to submit proposals for consideration before a short list was judged by Children aged 8 – 11 from schools in London, Surrey and Manchester. Who wnts 2 no? tells the story about how Dud thinks he has found a foolproof way of getting rich quickly by sharing some of his personal details online, but Zip and Mouse aren’t convinced and want to know, who wants to know?

O2 are distributing free copies to schools and libraries along with a library poster & stickers sheet which can be ordered from today at

Will Gardner, CEO, Childnet International said:

"When talking to young people about the risks online, it's good to do it in a way and style which is positive, engaging and effective. This book does that. We believe both boys and girls will love it, laugh with it and remember the important lessons that if something online seems too good to be true, it usually is. We are delighted to support the publication of this book."

Tricia Adams, Director, School Library Association said of the project:

“This book deals with a topic of huge concern to all teachers and parents - keeping children safe on line.  The Two Steves are just the right people to tackle such an important subject, they have such a universal appeal to kids through their humour and sense of fun that children will devour the book, taking on board the important message whilst laughing uproariously.”

Jonathan Douglas, director, National Literacy Trust added:

"Literacy skills are absolutely vital in enabling children to fulfil their potential. Reading helps develop these life changing skills, and it has never been so important to celebrate children's reading online through initiatives such as ‘Who wnts 2 no?’ The wider the variety of formats in which children read, the richer is their experience of reading."

“I really loved this book … especially the bit about the aliens sucking your brains out with a straw! I started reading it … and didn’t stop”

Francesca, age 10.

“The book was fantastic! I thought the pictures were super and I loved the way it was written”

Lawrence, age 9.

“I lived the girl best. She was much cleverer than the boys.”

Iona, Age 8

About the authors

Steve Barlow is tall and hairy. Steve Skidmore isn’t! They are known at The 2 Steves the UK’s most popular writing double act for young people, specializing in comedy and adventure. They will be helping launch the Cybernuts with a series of school events around the country starting with an appearance at St Bart School, Newbury on World Book Day itself.


Will Gardner, CEO, Childnet International


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Penny Webber for O2


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