Childnet to be judge at the Nominet Internet Awards 2011

Posted on 08 February 2011

As a three time Nominet Internet Award winner (2007, 2009 and 2010) Childnet are pleased to have been invited to help judge the Nominet Internet Awards 2011, launched on Safer Internet Day, 8th February 2011.

The 2011 Nominet Internet Awards are being held in partnership with the Nominet Trust. They are aimed at UK individuals and organisations who are helping to make the internet a secure, open, accessible and diverse experience for everyone who uses it.

The awards celebrate great UK internet projects by recognising achievement and innovation, and will recognise organisations, groups and individuals who have embraced the challenge of making the internet a secure, open, accessible and diverse experience. 

In particular, Childnet will be judging the 'Empowering young people & citizens' category, looking for entrants that have engaged with young people on internet issues and well as ensuring that citizens' voices are heard

CEO Will Gardner said:

"As a previous Nominet Internet Award winner, this year we are really pleased to be working in association with Nominet on this particular award designed at recognizing those empowering young people and citizens. We are active on a daily basis in schools working to empower children, young people, teachers, parents and carers and to equip them with the knowledge how they can protect themselves online, making the most out of their internet experience. We look to promote the voice of youth in all our work, and this is an exciting opportunity to look and showcase the different activities going on in the UK that are empowering people online."

The Nominet Internet Awards website has more details about how to enter:

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