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Posted on 10 February 2009

Childnet are thrilled to announce the launch of the new updated KidSMART website for children aged 7 upwards. is part of a range of new eSafety resources being launched by Childnet International to coincide with Safer Internet Day on 10th February 2009.

Having been inspired to update and add to the advice designed for this age group, Childnet’s education team consulted closely with young people throughout the development of this comprehensive and innovative resource to ensure its attractiveness as well as relevance.

“It’s eye catching and colourful.”

“The video clips are great.”

Self empowerment is at the heart of the new website and it offers a wide range of opportunities for young people to educate themselves about important issues online including social networking, digital footprints, privacy and different technologies. Responding to suggestions from the children and young people involved in the re-design of the KidSMART and appropriate to the vibrant and engaging style of the new website, advice is ‘peer-led’ and shared through video clips of young people .

In keeping with Childnet’s message for parents to be involved with what their children are doing online, parents, carers and people working with children have not been forgotten on the kidsmart site! Top Tips and a growing number of lesson plans form part of the areas designed for adult information and use.

Education Manager, Ellen Ferguson said,

“We have responded to a very real need in the creation of this new website, and the Education Team and the young people who have contributed to the development of this website at every step along the process are delighted with the result. We know that children will find it useful, interesting and fun. Developing a resource that will give children the opportunity to educate themselves has been a rewarding process. In keeping with the Web 2.0 world which we inhabit, not only are children able to learn about staying safe online through the videos, activities and interactive games, but we also hope that they will use these media to spread the news and inform their friends about the best ways to use the internet.”


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