Danielle joins Childnet as Project Manager

Posted on 17 May 2018

We’re delighted to welcome Danielle as the newest member of the Childnet team! We caught up with her to find out a bit more her new role as Project Manager here at Childnet.

How have you found working at Childnet so far?

I’m really enjoying it! I think the ethos of the charity and the work they do is so vital and interesting, I’ve learnt so much already. I observed some of

 the training we do in primary schools in my first week; it was great fun and the students seemed to get a lot out of it. Everyone is really friendly and have made me feel very welcome.

What does your job as Project Manager entail?

I’m responsible for the Digital Leaders Programme, a peer support programme running in both primary and secondary schools, in which students train up to be internet safety experts using our online platform. It’s a great source of knowledge for the participants, as well as providing important confidence building and leadership skills for the young people. Our schools currently signed up are already having great results in supporting their friends and classmates, and are doing some incredible things in their schools and wider communities. I’m working with the rest of the Childnet team on how to best support those teachers and students we currently have signed up, and how to raise our profile and help more schools around the UK train their students to be Digital Leaders too.

What did you do before coming to Childnet? How will this help you in your new role?

I worked for a children’s mental health charity as a project officer, and was responsible for managing and supporting on lots of different projects. I‘ve worked on many online platforms, including training platforms and websites, as well as a lot of work with young people in a variety of settings. I’m hope to use my experience in the development of online platforms and how to best engage young people and schools.

What part of working at Childnet are you most looking forward to?

All of it - I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this meaty programme! I’m really looking forward to seeing the tangible effects the programme has in schools and on young people’s self-confidence and wellbeing. We have got some really interesting developments happening in the pipeline so watch this space!

What if your one online safety top tip?

Think before you cam and livestream – make sure you know the person you are talking to. Anything online can be recorded without your knowledge and then shared widely, so if something seems suspicious, be sure to tell an adult.

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