Digital leaders give their thoughts on the programme

Posted on 22 March 2017

Digital leaders from Park Spring Primary School tell us what they've enjoyed the most about being part of the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme.



Since I became a digital leader my excitement for learning about being safe on the internet has grown. We have learnt about cyberbullying, s is for safe and m is for meet. Lately, I have enjoyed making a PowerPoint on cyber bullying that I can share with my peers. The skills I have learnt are how to insert videos and photos into PowerPoint. I am really excited to show my PowerPoint in front of the whole school and have been even practising how I will speak so it flows correctly and I feel confident. The thing I am really looking forward to the most is writing a blog. Next week we are going to start filming for the competition and I want to get as many people involved as possible.



Since I have become a digital leader I have been inspired by my leader (Miss Benson) because she helps us all through the training. I am really looking forward to the making the film for the competition and I feel confident that I have the skills to produce a great film. I have learnt skills on how to insert pictures and videos into Powerpoint and can now do it on my own, which is a great achievement!


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