Digital Leaders Programme for Primary - Launch confirmed

Posted on 12 August 2016

Following a successful pilot over the summer term, the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme for primary schools will be open to primary schools from November 2016.

13 schools were involved in the pilot stage of the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme for primary. Thanks to all their cooperation during the pilot and helpful feedback, we are working hard over the summer months to put together an innovative programme which will benefit a wide range of schools!

Similar to the programme for Secondary Schools, once subscribed your students will have access to an interactive learning platform to help them gain badges on the platform, and learn about internet safety. The platform will have a gamified environment where schools will compete against one another to be top of the Leaderboard.

If you would like to join our Primary Digital Leaders mailing list so that you are kept up to date with sign up and registration dates then please do send an email outlining your interest to [email protected]

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