Childnet Digital Leaders share their achievements

Posted on 17 July 2017

A guest blog from two of our Digital Leaders schools; Brimsham Green School and Sunnyfields Primary. These school look at what they have achieved this year on the programme and look more closely at what it means to be a digital leader.

Brimsham Green School

Our Year 9 digital leaders created a video clip and presented at South Gloucestershire Council’s “Children and Young People’s Mental Health Improvement Conference” in February in front of over 100 educational and health professionals.

As a result of their presentation, Christina Wheeler, a Digital Officer from South Gloucestershire Council, has asked our present Digital Leaders to contribute to the design and selection of content for a Children’s Mental Health website presently being created. South Gloucestershire library service have also requested permission to archive the video clip and some primary school head teachers attending the conference approached us and asked if we would run workshops or take assemblies in their schools this autumn.

Sunnyfields Primary School

The Sunnyfields Primary School digital leaders began in January this year. We are a group of 12 pupils from years 4 – 6.  Our training included developing our awareness of the different online safety issues thus empowering us with the skills and knowledge required and made us champions of digital safety. We used this knowledge and awareness to write newsletters to engage parents, delivered assemblies and debates on online issues and helped those who shared their online safety issues in the playground.

In addition, we also wrote a letter to Roblox offering suggestions and ideas on making the game more child friendly. 

Our greatest achievement this year was working towards achieving the 360 online safety mark. The assessor was very impressed by our work and commented that we were a strength to our school's provision of online safety.

We would like to share our thoughts on being a digital leader.

It was important for me to be a digital leader because it gave me the information and experiences that I had not had, like leading assemblies and speaking in front of people. Learning about being safe online helped others listen to the advice and this spread the information. Rekan, Y4
As a digital leader, I am proud of myself because my co-leaders and I hosted an important assembly going through the issues of the modern generation’s use of games, and as such, provided some methods to protect them in case a child is ever bullied on line. We have equipped them with the tools to having a safe and entertaining play on line, and how to avoid anything that might spoil their experience. Humd Y6
Being a digital leader helped me to show others what you should do and not do, online. Many parents don’t know the consequence so it was good to share this with them. It was great to see some children playing online games and creating videos safely. It was a great learning experience. Kelphine, Y5
I really enjoyed being a digital leader, especially because of the biscuits and drinks during training. To be serious, I enjoyed helping people and making them understand that Internet can be quite safe if you are responsible and a good citizen. As a group, we found information and learnt from each other, while also doing the assemblies and debates. Wajidullah, Y5
As a Digital Leader, we held assemblies for KS1 about keeping safe on line and we made posters about E-Safety. We also had training sessions after school to go through the 7 modules of how to become a Digital Leader. Hassan, Y6
I am proud that I was accepted as a digital leader because I was able to help other children that were not aware of the dangers of being on line and helped them to be safe.   Jamie, Y6
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