Digital Leaders showcase their plans to European Networks

Posted on 09 November 2018

Each year Insafe, the annual conference between the European Insafe network of Awareness Centres, looks at the different ways that centres across Europe can promote the safer and better use of the internet for children and young people.

This year, The UK Safer Internet Centre had the chance to showcase what we do to educate and engage young people in online safety, and one key thing we had to showcase was the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme.

During the Insafe conference in October, we were delighted to be invited to meet with the Childnet Digital Leaders at St John Bosco R.C Primary School; and to demonstrate the great work they have been doing to our European partners.

During this visit, we gained an insight into the hard work and dedication they are showing in their role as Childnet Digital Leaders.

The Childnet Digital Leaders showcase their work

The Childnet Digital Leaders had prepared their own internet safety posters based around the SMART rules. These were impressive and it was clear they had really taken on board their Digital Leaders training!

The Digital Leaders then explained that they had recognised the importance for parents and carers to understand how to make the internet a safe and fun place for all.

They read us a draft letter that they are writing to send out to parents, in preparation for an upcoming assembly on internet safety that they will be leading.

The maturity and thoughtfulness that the Digital Leaders demonstrated in their letter proves just how dedicated they are to their role. To say the visitors were impressed would be an understatement!

Young people answer the panel's questions

During the visit, the Digital Leaders went on to become their very own panel! They answered questions on the spot from the European partners from Spain, Bulgaria, Germany and Finland, which they responded to with confidence and clarity.

It was particularly interesting to hear how and why the students had become Digital Leaders. Many said that the reason for taking on this role was because of past experiences they have had online, or the experiences of their friends, and that they wanted to be able to help them if ever they needed it.

Qualified Digital Leaders

The young people had successfully completed their training prior to our visit, so Charlotte from Childnet awarded them with their certificates and badges to rapturous applause from the visitors. The proud smiles on their faces said it all!

The team at Childnet are so excited to see them continue to use their training to inspire and help others within their school community to be safe online.

One of Childnet’s trustees and Insafe Coordinator, Karl Hopwood, who attended the visit said,

“It was an excellent session this morning and everyone found it really useful. It was doubly useful for me as a trustee of Childnet as well and I’ll be sure to feed it all back to the rest of the board.”

The Childnet team, along with the visiting INSAFE members from Spain, Bulgaria, Germany and Finland, would like to say a huge thank you to the staff and Digital Leaders at St John Bosco R.C Primary School for accommodating them during the visit. The hard work and enthusiasm that your team are continually showing is remarkable - keep up the good work!

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