EY and Home Office take on the Tough Mudder Challenge in support of Childnet

Posted on 19 August 2016

We’re delighted that a team from Ernst and Young and the Home Office are taking on the Tough Mudder Challenge in support of Childnet. We caught up with Fraser Nicol from EY who shared why they’re facing the mud and ice to support Childnet’s work.

Why are you taking on the Tough Mudder Challenge in support of Childnet?

I have two daughters who increasingly use the internet (and both are under 6), it’s an amazing resource which is changing by the day in terms of what devices we use on it, and what we use it to do.  Increasingly even watching TV is an online experience. I love the fact that Childnet aim to keep children safe online, by educating children and parents – and also that they have a positive message about getting the most out of this incredible environment.

Who is joining your team?

Our team consists of Mike Taylor, the Home Office lead for Online Child Protection and three of my colleagues from EY: Ritu Narayan, Sinead Grady and Katharine Hughes.  We are also still recruiting so we may add a couple to this!

How does the work of EY relate to Childnet’s mission to help make the internet a great and safe place for children?

EY is committed to Building a Better Working World, this means that we want to use our skills as individuals and whatever influence we have as an organisation to make the world work better for everyone. For several years we have supported the Home Office and the National Crime Agency in their efforts to tackle online crime against children through pro-bono work, as such supporting Childnet makes a lot of sense to us!

There are 27 obstacles across the 12 mile assault course, which one are you dreading most?

That is a tough question, there are so many to choose from. The ice plunge down a chute and then swim 6 foot underwater through muddy ice right at the beginning is a bit of a wake up call for what is to come, but in a weird way I am almost looking forward to that.  The really hard ones are the climbing up muddy walls, as I am going to be one of the tallest people on our team I anticipate my head is going to get stood on a lot in the pyramid challenge as you try and get your team mates up a very slippery near vertical sloping wall. 

How is your training going?

The Summer has been unexpectedly hot and so our training so far has been sporadic.  However we are all now knuckling down – and we have a rigorous 5 week plan to follow in the run up to the 24th September.

How can people support you?

Please make donations to our VirginGiving page! http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/toughmudderforchildnet

What’s your final message?  

Childnet do fantastic work, please support them and us!

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