Film Competition 2018 – things to do before you enter

Posted on 23 May 2018

With just over 2 weeks left to enter the Childnet Film Competition we look at some of the key things to know before you send in your entry!

Songs and copyright

Make sure that all of the films, sound effect or other effects in your video are royalty and copyright free. You also need to make sure that you cite any sources for these clearly in the video (as stated by each songs usage policy).

In the Childnet Film Competition we will only accept films which feature original or royalty free images and sound. Find out more about our film competition copyright policy here:

Check the length

It is really important that you make sure your film is the right length for the category that you are entering.

Primary category: only entries of 1 minute or under can be considered for the primary category.

Secondary category: only entries of 2 minutes or under can be considered for the secondary category

This time frame must include any credits you wish to add. Credits are not requited, so it is advisable to keep credits to a minimum to avoid losing time for your film content and remember to add first names only!

What happens if our film is longer than the stated time?

Although we love to see all of your films, unfortunately films longer than the stated time will not shortlisted as finalists.

Watch it through one last time!

Remember before sending off your film competition entry watch it one more time and check:

  • Can you hear all of the audio clearly
  • If this the correct version that you want to submit
  • Has the entire film exported properly
  • Are you happy with it

If you answer yes to all of the above questions then you are ready to enter the Childnet Film Competition 2018!

How to enter

Completed films can be sent by post or electronically, by no later than 5pm on Monday 11th June 2018.

By Post

The film must be submitted on a DVD/ USB and sent to:

Film Competition
Childnet International,
Studio 14, Brockley Cross Business Centre,
96 Endwell Road


sent via Dropbox or WeTransfer to [email protected]

Have fun!

Remember to have fun whilst creating your film and entering the Childnet Film Competition! We can’t wait to see all of the great entries!

Read the FAQs for any further questions you have about the Film Competition

See the resources available to help you create your film

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