Film Competition Top Tips

Posted on 25 February 2015

Childnet's annual film competition launched last month on Monday 26 January for primary schools, secondary schools and youth organisations.

This year's three fantastic themes are:

We're looking for films that are original and meet the brief, but more importantly show plenty of IMAGINATION!

You have until the 12 June to enter the competition.  Simply email [email protected] and let us know which category you're entering and provide your school or organisation's details. We'll email you everything that you need to take part. 

Here are some top tips to get you started on your film making journey. This should make the process as easy as possible!

  1. Brainstorm – Think about the purpose of your story and what you want to say.
  2. Plan – Decide the style and genre of your film. Will it be a drama, documentary, animation, commercial or music video? Decide what equipment you will use to shoot your film.
  3. Plot – What’s your story going to be about? Prepare your script, storyboard or improvisation.
  4. People – Who’s going to be in your film? Who will your actors be? Who will you interview for your documentary and what models could you make if choosing to use animation?
  5. Film – Get creative but always remember to frame your shots and record any audio clearly. Always watch back and listen to what you’ve just shot in case you need to re-shoot! Try using a mix of wide, medium and close up shots to make it more interesting. 
  6. Edit – Piece together your film and keep within the competition time frame. Make sure your story is clear with its message. If using music, beware of copyright law!
  7. Send it in - Make sure your masterpiece is sent in by your teacher or youth leader and reaches us by Friday 12 June 2015 either by DVD/ USB or electronically.

The prizes on offer this year are really terrific and bigger than ever before, including the chance to win brand new cameras and film making equipment.

Help us spread the word on social media by tweeting your ideas, tips and pictures to @childnet #filmcomp2015

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