Filming underway for new Childnet resources

Posted on 09 November 2015

Childnet, as part of its work as the UK Safer Internet Centre, is in the process of creating new educational multimedia resources for secondary schools funded by the Government Equalities Office and focusing on issues such as cyberbullying and peer pressure.

Launching early next year along with new Cyberbullying Guidance for schools, the new resources build on the cyberbullying guidance we produced in 2007 and the accompanying award-winning resources, ‘Let’s Fight it Together’ and the website Digizen.  This updated cyberbullying guidance will launch in 2016 along with a series of film resources which explore issues such as sexting, peer pressure and cyberbullying. 

Last week, our Education and Training Manager Caroline Hurst, joined for the films being shot on location in Nottingham.  During the filming Caroline was involved in working with the director, young actors and film crew to ensure the work we had done with young people testing and trialling the film concepts was addressed in a relatable, relevant and impactful way. 


To create the resources we have involved the opinions and ideas from young people right from the start of this project. We have consulted with them on the script for the films where they gave their input about the issues we wanted to address, the language that was used and how they realistically thought an internet safety issue might be dealt with in school.

To support teachers in addressing the topics in the educational resources the films will be accompanied by lesson plans.  Working through the lesson plans the students and teachers will be able to generate interesting and thought provoking discussions about tricky issues that we know are affecting young people in schools all over the UK.

Look out for more updates from the team over the coming months about how the resources are developing.   We really looking forward to sharing the final results with you!

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