Hot topics – find out more information about the topics affecting young people

Posted on 02 August 2018

Our parents and carers section of our website is full of useful information about the key things impacting on the lives of young people online.

From livestreaming to screen time, there are a variety of issues covered by our hot topics.

What are the hot topics?

Our team of educational experts have created these hot topics focussing on the things that are mentioned to us by young people in our sessions, as well as other issues that have an impact on the way young people spend their time online.

The hot topics are filled with useful guidance on these issues, and we also have accompanying guidance for young people!

What is covered in the hot topics?

There are a number of subjects covered in the hot topics, these include:

Where can I find more information?

You can see the full list of hot topics here: 

If you want further resources or tools that you can use with your children, visit the Childnet website’s Parents and Carers section. These include films to watch together, essential advice, and guidance on how to make agreements about your time online as a family.

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