New Digiduck Activity Menu for Educators

Posted on 17 June 2021

We are delighted to launch a brand-new menu of free follow up activities as part of our hugely popular Digiduck Collection.

What is the Digiduck collection?

Our Digiduck® collection, which currently contains three books, are popular resources covering key online safety issues, all in the form of beautifully illustrated children’s books. The stories are primarily aimed at children aged 3-7, and cover themes such as friendship, responsibility, and critical thinking in a sensitive and age-appropriate way.

At the end of each book, there are questions for discussion, to help you assess the children’s understanding and start a conversation around online safety. These are an excellent starting point, but we have often been asked for more, this is where our new resources come in!

Looking at the brand new resources

To help complement the learning in the Digiduck books, an extensive menu of free follow up activities has now been created and can be found on the Digiduck resource page.

There are over 20 activities to choose from, depending on the time and resources that you have available.

We have split the activities into groups. The first three sections are, ‘quick creative,’ ‘quick writing,’ and ‘quick discussion,’ activities. These can be done in a short space of time and need no additional resources.

The remaining activities are longer ones, that are accompanied by an instruction slide for educators, visual prompt slides for learners, and printable resources.

All of the activities are suitable for use after reading each of the Digiduck stories, and any slides relating to specific stories are clearly labelled.

The aims of the menu are simple:

  • to enable you to further explore the book that you have read, and the topics within them
  • to look at how the events of each story might affect the characters
  • to highlight the learning that has taken place for Digiduck and his friends

By delving into the stories in more detail, learners will gain a greater understanding of online safety, and be able to see how Digiduck’s experiences can relate to their own lives and use of technology.

We hope that you enjoy using the new activity menu and would love to receive any feedback.

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