Primary Digital Leaders School share their thoughts about the programme

Posted on 03 March 2017

 Fosse Way Academy, a Primary Digital Leaders School, have written this great guest blog to tell us about their time on the programme. They explain what they have done as part of the programme, what they have found challenging and what they like most about being a Digital Leader.


I am VERY happy.

 'I am very happy of the achievement I have made of qualifying as a Digital Leader. Before we qualified as a Digital Leader we ran a assembly. The assembly was about ' what you see is not always true '. . As most of the school did not know who are the Digital Leaders we firstly introduced ourselves. After that, we spelled out Digital Leader by adding information on every letter. To do with the motto ' what you see is not always true ' made do a part where Evie (One of the Digital Leaders) got chased by me and Thomas (another Digital Leader). We asked the pupils if they knew what was happening there. A few said that Evie was getting bullied by me and Thomas but that was wrong. What was really happening was we were playing a game. At the end of the assembly, we earned our Digital Leader certificates and our badge. Ever since I have been aware of the dangerous things on the internet and like I said at the start I am VERY happy.'

By Alexandra.


I have confidence in doing what’s right. 

 'My experience of being a digital leader is amazing.  It feels great to be a qualified digital leader and have knowledge and confidence in doing what’s right.  When we ran the assembly I was pretty nervous and excited but I made sure I was calm and confident.  I was so excited to receive my badge and certificate.'

By Wing



 'I felt a bit self conscious when I was doing the assembly because it was in front of all of my friends and the teachers and if you made a mistake everyone will hear your mistake. I also felt proud to receive my badge, book, and my certificate and that I went through all of the modules and challenges to finally be a digital leader. I hope that I can help people with their digital problems on the internet and online safety. My goals that I would like to complete while being a digital leader are; helping children/adults with online safety, and if anybody has any issues with anything online we will help them with their issues.'

By Evie



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