Screen Time and Healthy Balance – New Hot Topic

Posted on 05 June 2018

The Childnet website now includes two new Hot Topics on the subject of Screen Time and Healthy Balance, these Hot Topics contain advice for Young People, and Teachers and Professionals.

When it comes to children and technology, one question often springs to mind:

How much screen time should children have? 

Whilst there is no clear right answer to this question, the new Hot Topics are designed to offer advice and guidance on how best to support young people in managing their time online and maintaining a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

Hot Topic for Young People

This Hot Topic is aimed at young people aged 11-18 and includes content on:

  • What the experts have to say about screen time,
  • How to recognise the signs you’ve been online for too long,
  • Top tips for time management and finding a healthy balance

Hot Topic for Teachers and Professionals

This Hot Topic is aimed at teachers and professionals who want to learn more about how to support children and their families in managing their time online. It includes content on:

  • What the experts have to say about screen time,
  • Advice to share with families,
  • How to teach children about having a healthy balance online,
  • What staff can do if they’re concerned about the amount of screen time a child has.

Alongside the Hot Topic for teachers and professionals, there is also a new teaching resource for use with children aged 7-11 years old. The resource suggests a number of quick activities incorporating drama, creative writing and art skills all on the theme of screen time and healthy balance.

Note: For parents and carers looking for information on setting screen time boundaries, guidance was published in partnership with the UK Safer Internet Centre in March 2018 including a Hot Topic and leaflet resource.

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