Share a Digiduck Story this World Book Day!

Posted on 05 March 2019

The theme of World Book Day 2019 on 7th March is ‘Share a Story,’ with the aim of getting the nation to share stories with children throughout the day – from breakfast until bedtime. Childnet’s Digiduck stories provide wonderful sharing opportunities for the classroom, out of school settings, and at home.


What are Childnet’s Digiduck stories about?

We now have two beautifully illustrated picture books in the online collection. ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision’ is all about being a good friend online and considering the feelings of those around you, so that you act kindly and responsibly. 'Digiduck’s Famous Friend' explores the idea that people online may not be who they say they are, when you can’t see who’s behind the screen. Each book treats the issues involved in a sensitive, age appropriate and child-centred way, and both contain key questions after the story to ensure that the audience have enjoyed, and learnt from, the books at their own level.

Who have they been written for?

Childnet’s Digiduck stories are primarily written for children aged 3-7, and have been created in such a way that they can be used effectively by parents and carers, and educators alike. They can of course be enjoyed by older independent readers, throughout primary school.

Where did the idea for Digiduck come from?

Lindsay Buck, author and creator of Digiduck, says, “At the time of writing Digiduck’s Big Decision in 2010, no picture books existed to address the use of technology for the youngest readers. We created Digiduck to address that gap in children’s literature. The stories aim to gently sow the seeds of online safety ideas in young children, so that when they start to use technology at home, or at school, they can relate to to the experiences of Digiduck and his friends and can talk about how he overcomes his challenges.

Where can I find the books?

Digiduck has his own resource page on the Childnet website, where you can find online and downloadable versions of both stories. Digiduck’s Big Decision is also available as a free iPad / tablet app, and links to Norwegian, Spanish and Greek translations are also provided! Printed copies of Digiduck’s Big Decision are available from the Childnet shop.

What can I do next?

Our Digiduck stories can be enjoyed time and time again, and both books also contain advice pages for parents and carers. These provide a small snapshot of the detailed advice available on the Childnet website, covering every element of life online, for children aged 3-18. There are dedicated young people’s pages, and pages for parents and carers and educators. Why not create a family agreement for your internet use at home, or familiarise yourself with the latest online trends and Hot Topics? Finally, if your children or pupils have dressed as Digiduck for World Book Day then please share your photos with us!

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