SMART rules now available in Clicker and Widget

Posted on 20 September 2009

Following the July launch of Know IT All for Primary Schools by Professor Tanya Byron, Childnet has teamed with Crick Software and Widgit Software, and are delighted to announce the availability of new resources on the KIA website designed to support those with special educational need and reinforcing e the e-safety messages contained within Know IT All for Primary schools.

Crick Software has created related Clicker activities to accompany the SMART animation, presenting a simplified version of the story in an on-screen talking book format, covering the five chapters of the adventure and offering the opportunity for reinforcement of the key messages. Backing this up, Clicker’s presentation of the SMART Rules focuses specifically on the five rules covered in the animation. Both resources are designed so that teachers can follow-up the story and the very important messages contained within it.  

Ann Crick, President of Crick Software said:

“We are delighted to have been involved with the Know IT All for Primary Schools project. Teachers can use these resources in their classroom to help young children understand the important issues of e-safety that Childnet has raised.”

Childnet has also teamed up with Widgit Software to produce a whole set of Widgit symbol materials for use with users who use these communication tools. Widgit Symbols have been developed over the last twenty-five years and are used worldwide. Each hand-drawn, clear and concise symbol illustrates a single concept without adding unnecessary information and are useful for users many different abilities and types of reader.

This series of symbol and word Flashcards produced by Widgit, not only help to reinforce the key messages contained with the SMART rules, but can also help pupils with learning vocabulary additional and symbols.

Will Gardner CEO of Childnet said:

“Internet safety is vital for all children and we are thrilled that Crick Software and Widgit Software have joined us in supporting this important resource for Primary schools. It is important that children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are empowered to use the internet in educational, creative, empowering and fun ways, and these resources play a vital part in equipping them to do so.”

Childnet’s resources for those with SEN can be accessed at:

Clicker can be accessed for free at

In order to see the SMART Adventure in Clicker 5, users need to have the Clicker 5 software loaded on their computer. Clicker 5 is available from Those with Clicker 5 can access the clicker version of the Smart Adventure and the SMART rules at LearningGrids World. On the learning grids world site users need to sign in using an e-mail address and password (this is free). Then type SMART Adventure or SMART Rules into the search box on the page.

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