SMART Rules Quiz

Posted on 02 December 2014

Do you know how to be SMART online? Take our quiz and find out how SMART you are online. 

This new quiz is aimed at primary aged children and is a great way to find out how well they know their SMART rules. 

So what are the SMART rules....

S, which stands for SAFE reminds young people to keep all personal information to themselves, M reminds children to never agree to meet up with someone their talking to online in the offline world. A is for Accepting and it challenges young people to think before they accept files and friend requests from strangers, this is never a good idea as the file could contain viruses or something upsetting. R for reliable emphasises to children that not everything online is true and finally T for tell focusses on telling an adult if anything upsets them online eg. cyberbullying.

If you know a child who is in need of a brief refresher of the SMART rules or your looking for a fun way to help young people stay safe online, then this short quiz is just the thing. Visit: 

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