Staff E-safety INSET Presentation - update

Posted on 24 August 2015

Teachers can now access our updated staff e-safety INSET presentation which now includes POSH and an e-safety calendar.

The presentation which has been designed to be delivered by an e-safety lead, or designated staff member, in a school, organisation or child care setting, has been updated to provide teachers with more information about where to turn to if something goes wrong and what e-safety measures they can implement in school.  This includes:

  • Professionals Online Safety Helpline (POSH) - information and link
  • Professional reputation online - detailed information 
  • 'What schools need to consider online' section that includes question like: How can we develop and improve e-safety policies? How can we prepare for Ofsted? How can we implement a progressive e-safety curriculum?
  • An ideas for school calendar that is designed to help teachers plan their e-safety activity for the year. staff-e-safety-inset-presentation


The presentation along with the supporting materials can be viewed at Staff e-safety INSET presentation.

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